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 Home Clearing Panels



Refresh Your Home Space

Experience greater peace and clarity in your space. This series of frequency testing panels helps to cleanse and uplift your home.



Manifest Your Dream Home

Use the special frequency testing library that assists you in manifesting your perfect space.


Energetic Check For Issues

Is there Geopathic Stress? Poor ley lines or other issues in the home? Discover and harmonize!


Home Panel 1

Home Check and Clear - This panel is to check reactivity with asbestos, carbon monoxide exposure, dry rot, EMF stress, geopathic stress, radon and much more. Clear and harmonize your home. Feel the difference!

Home Panel 2

Home Cleansing Vibrational Upgrade - Upgrade the vibrational quality of your home with these frequencies, peaceful home consciousness, clearing past energetic imprints from the home, clearing negative energies caught in the home, clearing effects of past words spoken and emotional imbalances. This profound clearing panel will shift the energy in your home to one that draws prosperity and happiness.

Home Panel 3

Home Clear & Direct Positive Energy - Are you seeking a new home for purchase or rentals? Or do you want to profoundly shift your current space to feel like a new space? This panel includes being in alignment with your soul's purpose, finding properties with good ley lines, good flow, harmonious neighbor relationships and much more!

Home Panel 4 Manifest My Space - This panel includes Sacred Geometry, in order to achieve the vibrational shifts and manifestations we are seeking!!!

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