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Past Life Trauma Clearing Program

Every one of us has experienced past lives. In fact, it is likely that we have experienced tens of thousands of past lives. Not every one of these lives is immediately influencing our current life, but some of them are. How can we know which ones? What are the significant issues? What can we do about these issues?


Often past life cellular imprints are creating stress in a person's current life. While working on yourself, your emotions, your addictions your mental habits is very beneficial, discovering and clearing the residue of a past life can be the missing link to healing that you are looking for.


Your Past Life Clearing and Healing Program includes:

Past Life Panel 1 - Describes the past life issue - Abandonment cellular imprint, death from hanging imprint, death from hypothermia cellular imprint, Chaos pattern DNA Ancestral Line, Regret Cellular Imprint, Witness to violence imprint. 

Past Life Panel 2 - Time periods. Pinpoint the time of the past life and harmonize the effects.

Past Life Panel 3 - Positive Attributes. Bring in the energy of past lives that were good, satisfying and contain the qualities you are seeking in this life. 

Past Life Panel 4 - Which Lifetime -and the span of years for that particular one. 

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